Horoscope: Jan. 15-21

Overview for all signs:

Some start the week off by pulling strings or trying to shake the status quo. Don’t jump without a net.

Many are chomping at the bit waiting for change. If your actions will affect others, discuss the details before proceeding as relationships could be strained or broken.

Sudden travels or changes of location work out fine. Certain situations are influenced by circumstance; adapt and bide your time; it's temporary.

Stand your ground on principle. Defend personally or internationally. Communications shift to a new level as greater understanding is needed.

Assess how much emotions overshadow choices; be realistic about expectations.

Love relationships will deepen.

ARIES: Check out locations in person before making major moves. Presentations are not as they appear.

TAURUS: Past matters or delays may try your patience, but will be worth working through to the end now.

GEMINI: Relationships have some influence in personal or business areas. Decide which has priority.

CANCER: A shift of focus can seem like an ending of sorts. Fine tune plans or agreements to suit this.

LEO: Avoid unsubstantiated speculation on word or mouth. Protect health, job or income sources now.

VIRGO: Make sure the details are clear when arranging things with others who may have some control.

LIBRA: Decisions you make now could have an effect on your long term future and what you’re doing.

SCORPIO: Assess what it will cost to make others happy at the moment. Their neediness is extreme.

SAGITTARIUS: Be firm or controlled in decisions or actions. Its allows events to unfold in proper ways.

CAPRICORN: Others see your sense of resolve on your position. Negotiations open doors to advance.

AQUARIUS: Go with your intuition when digesting advice from from others. Their views are different.

PISCES: You are at a point of transition or closure with your status in personal or business situations.

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