Horoscope: Nov. 13-19

Overview for all signs

Some strike out on an independent, unpredictable path.

This works for a few, but not for others; assess the end game before entering uncharted waters.

Seek like-minded individuals to connect the dots in a congenial way.

The full moon on Monday places a focus on the funding that will be needed.

Avoid going out on any credit-based limbs. Rely on the value of assets for security. A focused directive pulls things together. Move quickly if location is an issue.

Check communication devices or transportation. Mix business with pleasure.

Whispered words affect relationships; discuss dreams or expectations in private. Gather needed materials near or far to gain.

ARIES: Speculation discussed confidentially will bring about a shift of direction and key to possessions.

TAURUS: The full moon in Taurus places additional focus on what is solid and secure. Markets affected.

GEMINI: Suppressed information or secrets come up for review. It's time to put all cards on the table.

CANCER: Decisions made by you or others affect your future direction or state. Choices are restricted.

LEO: Those in high places will support you if asked. Demonstrate your value to those who count now.

VIRGO: You will have more freedom of action or movement this week. Alter your normal activities, etc.

LIBRA: Observe closer what goes on around you at the office or other venues. Silence is still golden.

SCORPIO: Agreements with mate or partner will settle areas of power or control. It can be workable.

SAGITTARIUS: Playing from behind the scenes is best for now. Visit those in seclusion or restricted.

CAPRICORN: You have inside information or evidence that you can use for leverage when dealing.

AQUARIUS: You have the OK to go ahead from those in positions of power or authority. Remain calm.

PISCES: You can convince others to follow your lead or presentation. Important individuals join you.

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