Horoscope: Oct. 23-29

Overview for all signs

Distortion of the facts can sound like lies in the way they are presented; allow time for the truth to come out.

Some have their backs up against a wall. Deal making could be tricky. Personal relationships are affected as well. Cut through illusion.

Take the high road to a brighter future. It's too late to change the past, so move on.

Compare notes with those of influence to lay out a workable plan with their approval. Relax as this develops.

Cut ties on a physical or emotional level with negative individuals or circumstances. Costs can be lowered by making better use of what is available.

Try to recycle where possible. Past castoffs can be changed or restored in useful ways.

ARIES: Wheeling and dealing behind the scenes will have an effect on your status or future plans. Meet.

TAURUS: Matters relating to the past may need to be reviewed to make sure everything is balanced out.

GEMINI: Adjust your expectations as others pull on the reins. Align with those who have the final say.

CANCER: Nebulous circumstances affect job or career future. Take the time to investigate deeper now.

LEO: Taking a break is OK as long as all the necessary bases are covered in the areas important to you.

VIRGO: Special arrangements bring you favours or perks that let you know you are appreciated by all.

LIBRA: Focus your charm on those who are helpful to you or others. Move forward gradually with faith.

SCORPIO: You can be a shining star in the eyes of those who count on you now. Lay out the financials.

SAGITTARIUS: You are given assurances behind the scenes that allow for some breathing room. Good.

CAPRICORN: Your reputation carries you over rough waters. You will feel victorious in position changes.

AQUARIUS: You are elevated in the eyes of others as you are viewed as a serious contender. You rise.

PISCES: Others may be surprised to find out where you really stand or what you are worth on all levels.

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