Horoscope: Oct. 16-22

Overview for all signs

Serious, sober thoughts translate into ambitious actions. Some appear to be relentless in pursuit of their goals, good or bad.

Avoid coming across as a hammerhead as this would turn people off. Remember the old saying “you get more with honey than vinegar.” 

Emotional expectations affect relationships more than they should right now.

Don’t let jealousy divert you from your path, it would be fruitless; some are just being too sensitive. The end game should be more of the direction to go in.

Take time out to avoid confrontation as consequences could be deadly on small or large scales.

Discuss critical information behind closed doors. Use diplomacy or charm personally.

ARIES: You have what it takes to surmount huge obstacles and get to the top. Sort out loyalties to climb.

TAURUS: Avoid making commitments that may have to be renegotiated. Assess health or physical activity.

GEMINI: Others try to pull strings or influence what you will be saying or doing. Follow a working model.

CANCER: Your ambitious goals will be affected by others. Don’t let determination translate into stubbornness.

LEO: Shouldering extra responsibility should eventually buy you some time off that you may feel you need.

VIRGO: Stay true to what you really feel and this will help you reach the finish line. Follow a proven path.

LIBRA: Your words or comments have an effect on home, location or base of operations. Moves are likely.

SCORPIO: Defend your record and the abilities to lead or instruct. Protect delicate information from leaks.

SAGITTARIUS: Take the reins if they are suddenly placed in your hands. Adjust agendas to suit you now.

CAPRICORN: Show your strength and determination to overcome any turbulence among friends or mates.

AQUARIUS: You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to holding your own. Deal behind scenes.

PISCES: Don’t let misunderstandings derail you from your goals. The dust will clear in time to move ahead.

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