Horoscope: Sept. 18-24

Overview for all signs:

Sudden shifts in the air can affect relationships. Don’t jump ship unless you know where you're likely to land.

The new or exciting may not be lasting, so avoid risks that would hurt you or others. Thrill seekers will have a bit of fun though.

Plans with a solid base will flourish as Mercury resumes forward motion. Go ahead and sign contracts or put the finishing touches on projects.

Brainstorming with others gets to the heart of matters affecting many. Do investigations or research on a deeper level. Get confirmation from all those who have decided to come on board.

Stalls end and there is a feeling of relief by the weekend. Take a break for some down time, alone or together.

ARIES: Hammer out the fine points of a deal or arrangement, so it can be wrapped up to satisfy everyone.

TAURUS: You shift gears or try different tactics while stepping out of your comfort zone. You will be OK.

GEMINI: You seek to control others in a different way than expected. Try to rein in their radical behaviour.

CANCER: You may have to agree to changes you did not plan on. It affects home or base of operations.

LEO: Divide your energy between practical day-to-day matters and your adventurous side. It all works.

VIRGO: Let your independence show a little more as you prove what you can do. Others are surprised.

LIBRA: You take steps that will provide you with a sense of freedom. Sign documents to make it happen.

SCORPIO: Powerful or knowledgeable associates are on board with you. Let important information out.

SAGITTARIUS: Your words have power or influence in important areas. Your earning capacity increases.

CAPRICORN: Take care of matters that need to be handled over long distance. Handle any uncertainty.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others assets or finances. There may be some unusual arrangements now.

PISCES: Keeping plans between a select few will benefit all involved. Taking chances pays off later on.

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