Horoscope: Sept.11-17

Overview for all signs:

Emotional showdowns bring clarity to intentions; burdens can be lifted. 

It's time to move on. Relationships that are co-dependent or controlling need to end.

Listen to warning signs from your intuition. Seek spiritual counsel if it will make you feel better.

Words can be shocking or a bitter blow to those not expecting them. Avoid confrontations with authority that could turn out badly.

Stay sober or otherwise in control of yourself or associates. Some are overly confident in the power they have over others. This will back fire or cause related fallout. Behaving like a dictator does not bode well.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Pisces adds drama on various levels or with events.

ARIES: You may need to separate yourself from those who make promises with no intention of delivery.

TAURUS: Take an indirect route to get the results you seek. There will be some form of organization.

GEMINI: A delicate balance can be tipped one way or the other. The full moon eclipse is a game changer.

CANCER: Purging or altering circumstances can be intensely emotional for you or others involved with it.

LEO: Events close to home or in the neighbourhood will influence decision made regarding locations now.

VIRGO: Stand strong in your position no matter what others try to do behind your back. Maintain ethics.

LIBRA: Use subtle pressure or confidential information to steer things in directions you would like to see.

SCORPIO: Keep a tight rein on behind-the-scenes matters as they would have an effect on future events.

SAGITTARIUS: Soft peddle your approach when it comes to status, leadership or control. Be negotiable.

CAPRICORN: Make sure important information or arrangements are clear or they may require a redo.

AQUARIUS: A connection to others finances or assets will focus on special arrangements or settlements.

PISCES: The full moon in your sign puts the spotlight on you in various ways. You know how to play it.

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