Horoscope: Aug. 21-27


Overview for all signs 

Get the word out Monday. Positive communications and presentations are well received.

Walk through any doors of opportunity, putting your best foot forward. Those with the right credentials get the position as others have faith they will get the job done.

There is no need to manipulate the facts as they are obvious to those who make the decisions in the end.

Some are edgy as they don’t know how they will be received; be patient. There are some restrictions to work around. Consult with authorities regarding laws.

Take responsibilities seriously. Gossip may be misleading or misinterpreted as emotions slant the truth. Dine out or attend special events to lift spirits.

ARIES: Being in the spotlight may not be all its cracked up to be if the results you seek don’t materialize.

TAURUS: Acting on an inside tip can make you feel like a winner. Be selective when it comes to sharing.

GEMINI: Meet with others in private or visit secluded destinations. Use leverage when making choices.

CANCER: Exchange of information back and forth may be recorded or monitored in some way. Be calm.

LEO: You can pull nebulous circumstances together that would benefit all involved. Lay out the details.

VIRGO: Don’t react to those who try to manipulate you directly. Power plays evaporate with enough time.

LIBRA: You are on the inside track to good fortune, but you need to play it cool for desired, ultimate gains.

SCORPIO: Important individuals communicate with you in private to let you know they are on your side.

SAGITTARIUS: Take charge of a situation that has some covert aspects to it. Demonstrate leadership.

CAPRICORN: Keep talks between a select few in order to have the impact you want. Others will wait.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from the past in unexpected ways. Follow protocol to get the results you seek.

PISCES: Personal relationships have an effect on other areas of your life. Avoid those who are gossips.

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