Horoscope: Aug. 7-13

Overview for all signs

Take extra time to sort through information as well as checking behaviour that may be deceptive or unreal. Some confusion is on purpose.

There are those who try to gain on the backs of others. This can be blocked by being aware. Trust issues come up to be faced.

Power plays are subtle. Investigations go deeper and information is found or coordinated with ultimate success.

Certain matters or relationships reach a turning point or conclusion.

Create some distance between you even it its temporary; It helps. The financials need more time to be worked on.

There will have to be some give or take even if it does not seem fair at this point. Follow the law in any case.

ARIES: Be willing to make adjustments with duties or responsibilities that could affect your reputation etc.

TAURUS: Avoid any investments sight unseen. It may not be as valuable as it is presented. Investigate.

GEMINI: You may have to be more guarded or protective with home, family or locations. Questions asked.

CANCER: Seek further clarity on what you will be doing and with whom. There are grey areas to check.

LEO: Adjust the rules or change the fine print on agreements. It will affect how things will play out later.

VIRGO: Your patience is part of your charm and goes a long way to helping you improve your situation.

LIBRA: A lot goes on behind the scenes that needs clarification or confirmation. Organize how to meet.

SCORPIO: Sparring with others mentally can be fun if it’s handled right. Weigh how important this will be.

SAGITTARIUS: Stand firm on your position no matter what the circumstances or reactions. Status rises.

CAPRICORN: Take care of certain matters off side or out of view of those who are not supposed to know.

AQUARIUS: Have patience with joint funds or assets. An element of timing will be important to benefits.

PISCES: Associates may be trying a subtle power play with you or each other. Avoid any showdowns.

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