Horoscope: July 24-30

Overview for all signs

Negotiate or bargain in personal or business areas.

Take the time to weigh all the options before settling a choice that seems reasonable; priorities change as talks continue.

Try to lighten the mood with positive words or quotes. Surprise meetings can tip the scales for some. Sudden trips or a little time out are enjoyable. Check out locations before hand if you have to move.

Ties are cut on more than one level; its time to let go. Opportunities are open for those willing to look at them or the bigger picture. Upgrade or trade in vehicles or other equipment where needed.

Shift expectation to a more realistic level that shows promise of actual development. Avoid promoters.

ARIES: You shift gears and this catches others by surprise. The right words can bring them on board.

TAURUS: Be more vigilant when it comes to home, property or investment. Check value and stability.

GEMINI: Make moves, by choice or due to unavoidable circumstances. It all works out fine in the end.

CANCER: Turning up the heat on arrangements will affect finances, status or reputation. Make deals.

LEO: Pull stings to get what you want even though others may object. It will be good for them as well.

VIRGO: Behind the scenes efforts on your behalf work out well. Personal changes improve situation.

LIBRA: Tap your contacts as they are in positions that are helpful. Share larger benefits with them too.

SCORPIO: Your status rises in a natural progression of events. You can ease up and avoid pushing.

SAGITTARIUS: Strings are pulled back and forth over distance. Avoid being pressured to take action.

CAPRICORN: Others ask questions, but you have the right answers. You have the upper hand now.

AQUARIUS: Involvement with others finances or resources has some influence on status or security.

PISCES: Be selective with those you want to work or partner with. Check track records or their ability.

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