Full moon rising

Overview for all signs: July 17-23

Try to get a handle on mixed emotions by the full moon on Tuesday.

Messages or directions need to be sorted out. Research who is really in charge on various levels because it will be important to know.

Look at the true value they can bring to the table; others will be affected by what they do. Stable, long range plans work out in time.

Acting with some optimism will help where communications need careful handling. Personal relationships benefit from this as well. Make up or reunite, if the feelings are still there.

Some renege on promises or revamp them to suit their own agenda. It’s best to get anything important in writing before taking matters any further; it will count later.

ARIES: Do your best to pull things together near or far. Show others what you can really do in person.

TAURUS: Clearing matters related to the past may involve extra paperwork or other types of documents.

GEMINI: You hold on to the reins by being more secretive than usual. This buys you some more time.

CANCER: Relationship matters become more intense as you try to push your own agenda. Hold court.

LEO: You can let the cat out of the bag at the moment when it will have the best affect for all involved.

VIRGO: Play cards close to the vest as you watch others to see what they are really up to. Wait it out.

LIBRA: Meet with others on their turf or yours. It’s important to compare notes or exchange in person.

SCORPIO: Being controlled and self-contained works in your favour and enhances your status as well.

SAGITTARIUS: Your steady focus and sense of duty is noticed by those who count. Stay the course now.

CAPRICORN: Your words have an influence on others and the choices they will eventually make. It's OK.

AQUARIUS: Use confidential information to your advantage now. Reserve some for disclosure later on.

PISCES: Others agree that you were right or have the best plans. They want to join in with yours now.

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