Balance give and take

Overview for all signs: July 10-16

Hit the ground running with optimistic, progressive plans. Doors open easily this week. 

Travel for anything that needs to be handled in person; take action. Pay attention to communications, as changes can be sudden or unexpected. Make sure devices are working properly as this will be important.

Watch where you put things down. Impatience highlights emotional differences so avoid having the “big talk” until later if you can.

Balance out the give and take. Organize some time away together or apart.

The change of scene will be good for how certain matters get settled. Feelings of freedom or independence can be spurred on by a love interest.

ARIES: Look at alternate locations that would be more suitable to how your plans could eventually unfold.

TAURUS: Your future is more secure joined to others than going it alone. Watch your wording with them.

GEMINI: Pull rank quietly at this point. This will keep your ambitious path open to ways or advancement.

CANCER: Personal presentation will affect status or reputation. You will have choices with love interests.

LEO: Plan special entertainments near or far. Surprises have an interesting affect on how they will react.

VIRGO: You have the ear of important people and this gives you a lift. Guard certain information or data.

LIBRA: Dodge those who would side track you. Stay focused on your goals to move ahead with ease.

SCORPIO: Step into uncharted waters with confidence. Your instincts will guide you along the right path.

SAGITTARIUS: Behind-the-scenes support highlights a strong connection to others funds and resources.

CAPRICORN: Dance around someone who tries to influence you now. Time is your friend, so bide it well.

AQUARIUS: Organize words or presentations to suit certain requirements. It helps boost your reputation.

PISCES: Ride along on a secure wave until you reach a point where you can gain more control. Relax.

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