Horoscope: July 3-9

Overview for all signs: July 3-9

The sun-Neptune harmony enhances the spiritual side of things as the week begins.

Gather with those of like mind to enjoy being in the moment. The new moon today favours home, security and domestic issues.

These may be on a small or large scale. Handle them personally where possible. Ways to increase protection will be discussed as well — some laws put in place or otherwise under review.

It’s a favourable time to build or renovate. Plans could be advanced or receive approval on some level. Listen to gut feelings if things don’t feel right; check the details closer.

Announcements or speeches cause some to shift gears. Power struggles become showdowns.

ARIES: Home or base of operations requires decision or adjustment. Choices are limited at this time.

TAURUS: What you say or do now has impact on people or events near or far. Follow certain protocols.

GEMINI: Power struggles affect finances or assets. Decide who will hold the reins in any deals made.

CANCER: You meet with strong resistance in relationship matters. Seek to clarify what is real for you.

LEO: Serious matters behind the scenes command your attention. Some of this may relate to health.

VIRGO: Be very selective with those you consult with. There seems to be more than one agenda now.

LIBRA: Take a leadership role in theory even if it’s not official. Others are counting on what you will do.

SCORPIO: Important or critical matters could take you travelling. You are the key to certain situations.

SAGITTARIUS: You have access to others resources now. There may be some unusual circumstances.

CAPRICORN: Working with others strengthens your support base in personal or business. Continue.

AQUARIUS: Meet with others in private to discuss future agendas involving some special procedures.

PISCES: You navigate around delays or opposition before others catch on to what you are doing.


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