Horoscope: Feelin' lucky

Your horoscope: May 8 -14


Come out from under the shadow of restrictions or time constraints to move things along; the bottom line will be fine in the end. 

Locations or new territory are up for discussion. Expectations become more realistic as they unfold in a practical direction; stay the course. 

Plan large celebrations or events. Many are impressed by the “show” and see the costs as acceptable. Those too tight fisted will be shunned. 

Some with radical ideas seek attention, but practicality wins in the long run. Details and financials are put together on paper to make all involved feel secure. 

Friday the thirteenth is lucky. Play to win in any venue. Look at ways to recover or regroup personally or otherwise. 


A change of tactics on your part can revive your plans or projects. Compare procedures that work.

You feel like a winner, near or far. Wishes can come true in sudden or unexpected ways. Accept. 

Wheeling and dealing behind the scenes works in your favour. Connect the future with the past. 

Work with powerful or influential individuals who can assist you in getting what you really want.

You are the star in the public arena, and others lean your way. Your status or reputation rises higher.

Make plans over distance that involve travel or moves. The road ahead is open, so go ahead now.

You benefit from the past or others’ finances and assets. Make time to take care of all the details. 

Mate or partnership matters are enhanced as support for you becomes more solid. Meet up.

Work or career is highlighted as you rise to the top in your field. Follow the path to gains.

You are super lucky this week. Step out of your comfort zone, you will be nicely surprised. 

Property matters or base of operations have more value than expected. Discuss changes.

Speak out or make a presentation that has an effect on others or their future circumstances.


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