Horoscope: Emotion check

Horoscope: April 24 - 30


Emotions have influence over choices. Try not to let this affect business or practical matters too much; keep them separate. 

Some may have to move. This improves relationships in the long run. 

Be fair to avoid losses financially or with reputation. The road of life has intersections from time to time, allowing for a shift of direction. Adapt to the changes that occur. 

Other situations develop on the side. Play it cool until it becomes clearer as to what each side is looking for; be realistic. Dodge jealousy or power plays. 

Mercury turns retrograde again, causing situations to fluctuate or be delayed. Avoid signing anything binding for three weeks. 

Repair, upgrade and travel carefully. 


Deeper research is important to your ultimate goals. It may require personal effort or some struggle.

Take time out to look after your own interests or personal matters that will benefit you later. It’s okay.

Be firm with those who try to get something from you that you don’t want to give. Use your charm. 

Try to get clarity regarding your duties or position in relation to what others will be doing soon.

You will be applauded for the stand you take for others. Put personal matters on the back burner.

Avoid making moves if it does not feel right or the numbers don’t add up. Circumstances weigh.

Be firm on where you stand and others will come around to what you want. Follow past patterns. 

You can scratch each others back while maintaining your own position. Gain can be shared. 

Your focus or leadership qualities are noticed by those who count. Be direct but fair now. 

Take firm action behind the scenes. The results of this will seem like some form of luck. 

Serious or important individuals want to meet or consult with you. It may affect locations. 

Others like your point of view or how you lay things out. They see how they will benefit too.

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