Horoscope: Hit the road

Horoscope: April 10 - 16



The urge to get away from it all will see many hitting the road. Pay attention and avoid all distractions to avoid any mishaps. 

Wait until you arrive at a destination to discuss any upsetting or emotional matters. Intuition will be a guide on how to approach sensitive issues - follow its promptings. 

Settle any outstanding financial arrangements if there is an imbalance, as this would otherwise cause resentment. 

Passionate feelings drive relationships forward. Look at making deeper commitments. Some move from one partner to another - it’s time. When a situation is right, it's not that much work. Destiny follows a subtle path sometimes. Look for the signs along the way. 


Skip town to be together and to avoid prying eyes. Work out the fine points of the relationship as it is. 

Keeping financial arrangements private will bring you greater gains down the road. Make a deal.

Your ability to sway or influence others is phenomenal. Those opposing you change their minds.

There are confidential aspects to your status or position. Some wheeling and dealing is needed.

You will have good luck with travel or accommodations. Some expenses could be covered for you. 

You have more support from others than you are aware of. Discuss the details in private for now.

Wishes can come true in relationships of a personal or business nature. Benefits will be shared.

Others help to pave the way for you as they see you as the right one for the job or leadership.

Try your luck this week. Unusual opportunities or change of circumstances turn favourable. 

Home or location matters are enhanced. You can get a good deal or improve surroundings.

Your presentation is applauded and others are calmed. They trust your views or judgement.

Getting confirmation ahead of time is important now before you take the next step or advance.

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