Horoscope: Put ego aside

Horoscope for April 3 - 9                                          


Take time to clarify details or actual circumstances before taking action too early. Muddled expectations or impressions will be temporary. Its fine to be revved up as long as the goals are positive and productive in the view of everyone involved; their views may be different. Try to gather like minds together on the same page as there is power in unity. A sound plan will carry things forward with long term benefits. The right leader will make a difference. Prepare for launch by the new moon Thursday. Some details or financial shuffling should go on behind closed doors until competitions settle, or at least gain some common ground. Put egos aside. The unexpected occurs. 


Go back to the way you used to do things to shore up your base and create a point to launch on. 

A change of tactics behind the scenes could shed light on areas that need some fact checking.

Navigate land mines from those who try to push or manipulate you. Stay on a positive track.

Try to rally support from those who normally oppose you. Discuss areas of compromise. Deal. 

Avoid locking horns with those who have a separate agenda. Stake out your own area or place.

A different arrangement can take the pressure off of shared money or assets. Be resourceful. 

A little patience with others gets the results you seek with those involved in a winning strategy. 

The information you have should be doled out in a timely manner for the results you seek.

Taking the reins in personal or business areas will require careful management. It works.

Hold the fort in a stable, steady manner until you are sure what others really want to do.

Silence is golden this week. Circumstances are changing or morphing. Be adaptable now. 

You get inside information that will be useful when you need to get more leverage or clout.

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