Horoscope March 20-26



Venus and Neptune combine their energies to put a dreamy glaze over expectations, some are wearing rose coloured glasses. Thoughts are entertaining short term, but eventually feet need to be on the ground. Look at practical plans. Cut deadwood and check what resources you have available to get things done. 

The full moon lunar eclipse on Wednesday creates an emotional balancing act in the sign of libra. Look at facts or the evidence to tip the scales in the right direction. News or announcements will be important to the turn of events. 

Travel to meet in person, to show intent of purpose. Abide by laws or limitations. Be willing to go it alone to get the truth. 



Take cautious steps forward so you will feel secure in the progress you are making. Recoup losses.

Timing is everything this week, as it will affect which way things will go. Shore up your resources. 

Others expect you to show leadership no matter how many alligators are in the moat. Navigate.

Issues regarding home or base of operations reach a point where your emotions are affected.

You can tug the reins in subtle ways. Others will realize that what you are saying has certain value.

Special papers or documents will enhance financial benefits for you down the road. Check data. 

Your natural abilities to mediate can be key to how events turn out in the long run. Explain sides.

Your power grows on various levels as those who count show their support for your agenda. 

You show your strength and decision making talents. Others see the wisdom in your words.

The full moon shines on your career or status. Praise comes your way and affects position. 

Brainstorming with others puts important plans in motion near or far. The potential is genius. 

You can let it all hang out and go as far as bragging about how your plans unfold successfully.

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