Horoscope Feb 28 - Mar 5


Idealism rides high, and will affect decisions. Make sure to take off the rose coloured glasses before taking sides. There has to be a solid base in reality, no matter what is wished for. Rely on faith and what you know to be true, it is helpful. 

With this month having 29 days, we have a leap year, so women, it’s your turn to propose. In any case look at where relationships can be advanced or clarified. Discuss feelings and expectations to see if there is a future path together or it’s time to move on. 

Some are ready for change or excitement: Guard reputations. Words spoken will be hard to take back. Avoid physical confrontation. Take a trip to let things cool or shift into a better direction. Step out.


Take some of your plans underground for now. There needs to be a change in the presentation. 

You will have more advantage by listening instead of talking. Others have a different agenda. 

Use all your charm to deal with those who oppose you. Pull a rabbit out of the hat now. 

Mysteries deepen over distance, as you seek further information. Results will affect the future. 

Juggle the figures to find areas of gain. Rely on your gut feelings and not on what is being said.

You can stand your ground in subtle ways, so those who oppose you can’t counter your place.

Say very little until you get past areas of gridlock. Once there you will be onto the right road. 

Your secretive nature works well for you this week. Others don’t see you coming at them.

Your input helps when decisions need to be made about home or locations. Be covert.

Your intuition is strong and you feel like giving others advice. Watch how personal it gets. 

Others react to your look or powerful image. They are not prepared for how they feel.

The sun and neptune combine their energies, influencing others to fall under your spell.

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