Horoscope February 21-27


Monday is a power day under the full moon.

Let the dust settle and finalize decisions later in the week. Any drama should have died down by then. No matter what the ego wants, facts are facts.

Those shut out should look at alternate opportunities that would suit them better; everyone belongs somewhere. Emotions swim back and forth, don’t rely on them when making important choices. 

Faith could play a role in the end, as there is a greater plan than the one normally seem day to day. Collect data or upgrade where needed. Follow procedures that have worked before. This can return things to a place of stability or security. Spread out from there.


Get together with associates in private. Financially beneficial deals can be laid out in practical ways. 

You are praised or applauded for your knowledge or abilities. Hold the line to be more productive.

Your status or reputation will have some influence on future location choices for business or other.

Arrange words in a way that will create the results you are seeking. Get a response to confirm it. 

You can have the backing you need if you are willing to put special arrangements into an agreement.

The full moon in your sign puts the spotlight on you and the values that are personally important.

You can coast a bit knowing that the road you are on will take you further ahead. Sit back and relax. 

You feel lucky and you are this week. Others look to you for a winning strategy that really works.

You maneuver into a better position before others realize its a done deal. You can be gracious. 

Take the long view with your plans and expectations. Lay out your path in a step by step way. 

You display your power or influence in subtle ways that others can accept. Raise the bar now. 

Weigh your personal ambitions to see how business or personal relationships are affected.

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