Horoscope February 7-13


A confrontation or standoff will need careful negotiation to prevent it from escalating any further. Take care of settlements in order to calm the waters, as it has to appear to be fair. Some expect more than they deserve, this should be pointed out.

The new moon on Monday allows for a fresh star, as the Year of the Monkey begins. Lay out plans. 

A nice Venus / Jupiter harmony indicates more abundance by joining with others in personal or business affairs. Put covert dealings aside for now, they have more impact later on. 

Wrap things up by the weekend if you have to travel for personal or business reasons. 

Forge ahead with your ambitious goals - they are achievable.


Soft-peddle demands with those who are not sure of your expectations. Present any documents.

Focus on your career or position no matter what others are doing with theirs. Be more neutral. 

Re-negotiate terms over distance. There is an alternate route to achieving the same results.

A show of good faith on your part can soften the attitude of those who are overly aggressive. 

Don’t feel pressured to do everything right now. There is a better, more cost-effective solution to it. 

Adapt quickly to any changes of duties or bosses. Follow a step by step process to make gains.

Avoid going out on any limbs this week. You will have support from other areas. Tap into these.

Location choices affect personal or business situations of yourself or others. Avoid any conflict.

Intense brainstorming relates to serious matters. Your input is key to results with decisions. 

Keep your own counsel when assessing confidential information. “Loose lips will sink ships”.

Step into the spotlight and display your leadership qualities. It has a good affect on status.

What you seek is possible. Take the time to navigate around those who are in the way now.

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