Horoscope Jan 31-Feb 6


Distractions or interrupted communications cause a change or cancellation of plans. It is better to wait for more stable conditions. Regroup to increase focus on ambitions or target areas. Advance to the next stage where possible. Others begin to realize the gains that could be made, and agree to come on board. 

Divide the responsibilities. Let experienced individuals have the final say on procedure. Be patient with the income, it will increase. Keep any personal ego issues separate from business.

Avoid radical changes, and protect information. Travel or special entertainments are highlighted. By the weekend news is uplifting - expect better times.


Silence is golden this week. Take the high road no matter how many bumps you have to navigate.

Mixed messages require you to think on your feet. Adjust agreements to suit all parties involved.

Power struggles cause a shift in the pecking order. Some may relocate for business or personal.

Your position is disaffected by associates. Read between the lines. Alter your main expectations.

As more information comes in, you understand what needs to be done and by whom. Help this along. 

Don’t over-extend yourself on someone else’s word or speculation. Investigate what is behind it. 

You should feel satisfied with the effect you have on those around you, even if they resist it now. 

Keep an air of control or authority even if you have to walk on eggshells to reach your goals.

Demonstrate a steady hand at the helm and avoid taking any risks. Follow a secure path. 

You have what it takes to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Your intuition tells you where to focus.

Unusual circumstances require meeting with others in private. Go over info to sort the facts. 

You switch horses midstream. Others try their best to keep up, as they still want to be in on it.

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