Horoscope January 17-23


Stay the course where possible, keeping nose to the grindstone in order to advance plans. It can translate into getting a good head start.

Sort through things, doing a realistic value assessment and getting rid of what is no longer needed or wanted. Convert some of this to cash. 

Look at the bigger picture, and see how fears can be shifted into a different gear that is more productive. 

Lifestyle can be improved in general. Some make major career decisions or retire. It’s fine if the numbers back it up. 

An optimistic outlook is a strong motivator. Avoid a cavalier attitude that could be misinterpreted or cause a disconnect. Conversations grow intense by the full moon on Saturday.


Call in favours from those who have the extended influence you need to go forward with your plans. 

Decisions with home, property, or locations relate to yourself or those who affect your future now. 

You have powerful support that is not obvious to those who wish to discredit you. Make use of it. 

Join forces with others in personal or business affairs. There needs to be a show of more unity. 

Look deeper into financial opportunities. There is more to it than meets the eye. Check track records. 

You become more aware of circumstances that will be fortunate for you down the road. Ride along. 

Your star is on the rise in more than one area. Privileged information gives you a needed heads up. 

Your magnetic appeal brings others on your side. Your words sway the way events will unfold. 

Private arrangements boost your finances or assets. Demonstrate your responsible nature. 

Change things around to make your path smoother. You can feel like a director over all this. 

Take on a more public role. You have a natural way of getting along with various types now. 

Hopes and wishes come together with those who want to be involved. Timing will be variable.

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