Horoscope - 2016

PREDICTIONS: 2016 Year of the (fire) Monkey

This year is also a #9 year, as the total of 2016 added together and reduced to a single digit is 9. 

The Chinese signs follow yearly lunar cycles, so the years begin on different days according to those cycles. The year of the Monkey will begin on February 8th. 

Due to the influence of the 9 there will be an emphasis on old-fashioned values, with some changes is laws and statutes. 

There will be extra focus on smoke, smoking, smog, fire, and pollution as problems continue. 

Harnessing the energy of the sun and combatting sun damage will be important as the battle over climate change ramps up. There will be a more unified effort there.

The 9 rules love and money as well, so many will seek more in creative ways. 

No use planning too much. Hang loose in monkey years, as anything goes. Things are up in the air all at once. Prepare for the unexpected. Some will be saying ‘not my monkeys, not my circus’ as events spin or unfold. Swing from limb to limb, but don’t go too far out on one. 

Get an education or upgrade; experience will be taken into consideration. 

#9s are periods of recovery: Renovate, rebuild, retake, reclaim, recapture, and recycle on all levels, including what is up in space. Go over or around obstacles. Collect compensation. Recoup the past in some way. Recover. The blame game will make for some interesting settlements or payouts. There will be many insurance claims.

Opportunities allow for calculated risks to be taken, landing on your feet. Posturing and bluffing occurs, facing each other down, much like two silverbacks do. Play your hand to advantage. 

Betting is dicey, as there will be shifts up and down before the end game or the winner is decided. Some backlash will be strong.

Make sure targets are clear before throwing the ‘coconuts’ etcetera. Try to keep egos in line. 

Shrewd business activity brings success. Optimism is in the air. A positive turnaround will amaze. Benefits will be shared to a greater degree. Step aside and let qualified individuals take the lead or be the top banana. 

Greater efforts will be made to avoid recession; resourceful solutions found. Competition will be stiff. Avoid a superior attitude creating your own downfall by stepping on the banana peel you were not aware of. 

Spread the wealth and take care of each other as 9 rules universal brotherhood. There will be more acceptance.

Bonds will be strengthened. Hug more. Spread goodwill globally. Follow words of wisdom from the ages that have stood the test of time, such as the golden rule of doing onto others as you would have them do unto you. Its a simple but effective rule.

Assess family dynamics for what works best. Find your place, or where you feel you really belong.

There will be a boost to international travel or immigration. Be helpful or inclusive where possible. Some rules tighten and some will be returned to their homeland or country.

Investigations deepen into our roots, and any links to monkeys or apes. Better research into bloodlines. 

Renewed interest in large hairy beings such as Bigfoot etcetera. Planet of the Apes. 

Pros and cons of wearing fur, or it being used as a costume. 

Monkeys are clever and adept. They are big on grooming, so this business should do well this year.

Big hair could be back in style as well as dealing with hair issues of too much or too little. Also using hairs as evidence in some cases.

The fate of bears will be a greater concern, especially with the global warming affecting their habitat.

9 rules oil and gas, so the controversy and fluctuation in supply and price continues, as well as the battle over pipelines or other means of transporting it.

The 9 is a cycle of returns on many levels. Put things to rest, or deal with endings or closure. Complete. Next year will be a 1, so we need to have the decks cleared for new beginnings.

In nature or other events, things will torque or twist like the shape of the 9, so be ready to batten down the hatches in hurricane season. Seas will run high as the 9 takes things to the max or extreme.

There will be some guerrilla type activity or warfare.

Further studies on fat - good or bad, take a closer look at cheese and milk.

Anything that inflates size, including steroids, should be looked at closer. Some may lose their status over abuse of this. 

Other 9s in focus this year: Cuba, Syria, Iraq, Bahamas, Miami, jets, monks, swing, waves, tsunami, oak, lava, earthquakes, ants, oats, bully, jazz, New Orleans, ego, big, red, flags, eyes, milk, and cheese, to name a few.


Signs - Predictions 2016

Health and work issues should improve, change, or reach a point of conclusion. Follow through.

There will be positive change or increased harmony in relationships where you would like it.

You will be able to make alterations to home, environments, or your comfort levels. Regroup.

Lay out a plan. Speak out, teach, or learn. Travel will increase, short or long. Pick a location. 

Look at ways to increase your finances or assets. You can recoup losses or reboot production.

Jupiter in your sign brings expansion in most areas. Look at where the grass may be greener. 

You will feel better about things, and this will increase your faith in the future as well as others.

Your connections to those who are educated, wealthy or powerful will increase. Use it well. 

Career or status gets a boost or elevation to the next level. You reap from your efforts.

Increase your knowledge or distant connection even if it requires you to make changes. 

You benefit from others through shared assets, money or estates. Take care of papers.

Matters relating to love, marriage or partnership are favoured. There are mutual benefits.

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