Horoscope January 3 - 9


Drama and power plays reach extreme levels, it could cost some their job or reputation. Going overboard sends the wrong message. 

It’s time for cooler heads to take charge domestically or internationally. Regroup. 

Mars in the sign of Scorpio increases the desire to sting or pay back - focus on this will be strong. Assess what will be gained in the long run. In some cases it will be ‘shoot first and ask questions later’. Stress levels are high. 

Mercury turns retrograde, causing confusion, delays or back peddling. Travel carefully. Ideas may not be fulfilled in the way expected. 

The new moon will showcase true leadership as more allegiance shifts towards them.


Adapt to changing conditions by choice or not. A shift of positions is timely in any case. Wait. 

New information or discoveries cause you to rethink your future path. It is all working out. 

What you say now will affect decisions made by those who have influence on your position.

Business or personal arrangements play out differently from the way they were presented. 

Take a step back with your expectations of others as they have difficulty keeping up to you. 

Let any confrontations play out around you without getting involved. Save your own position. 

Be extra security conscious on all levels, especially when it comes to info or possessions.

You make decisions that affect others status or position. Be brave when taking charge.

You have power behind the scenes. Pull string in a covert manner for best effect now. 

Others feel more secure with you at the helm. They know they can rely on your talent.

Meet with powerful individuals in person or over distance in some way. Process plans.

You have the keys or ingenuity to change the course of events. Others await your move.

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