Horoscope: Dec 27 - Jan 2


Moods shift as some deal with delays. If you can’t control it, then relax and go with the flow. It won’t be forever. Let the spirit of the season buoy you up. If you have to travel under dire conditions, just slow down and listen to your favourite music. Handle annoying incidents as best you can, the blame game won’t work here. 

Be realistic with new years resolutions to avoid putting yourself under pressure. Make sure plans will be viable over the long term. 

Following an old or proven pattern will be beneficial when seeking success. There is renewed hope in 2016, as anything goes. Its a time to go big or stay home. Launch projects that have been waiting for the right time.


Your reputation follows you and will have an effect on your future ambitions. Adjust your approach.

Saying something too soon can alter the course of a business or personal relationship. Wait a bit. 

Advance your plans in a covert manner for best results. You need to be sure of the right support. 

Review the past to get in touch with those you know you can work with in a more positive way. 

Avoid taking sides if it will affect residence or location of others. They need to make timely choices. 

Rely on your intuition when it comes down to taking a stand. Others are more sensitive just now. 

Pause any aggressive or forceful actions until a better time. You won’t lose the ground gained.

The plans you lay out for others will benefit them long term even if they resist temporarily.

Use your charm to gain power or control with others or unusual circumstances. It pays off. 

Clear the air so you know where everyone stands. Subtle power plays work out for you now. 

A show of strength or solidarity on your part makes others feel more secure. They flatter you. 

Your connections to the powerful or influential helps pave the way for all to share in the gains.

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