Horoscope Dec 20 - 26


Feelings need careful assessment before taking action on them, there are grey areas. Don’t follow the crowd, as they are headed in the wrong direction. Be prepared for sudden shifts or changes. 

Communications could be a temporary issue. Adjust travel plans if needed. 

Energy is put into moving plans forward, near or far. Some are more eager than others. The new year will be soon enough, in most cases. 

A nice aspect with Venus and Jupiter is an uplifting over Christmas. Generosity is shown on various levels. The full moon highlights the emotional meaning of the day as well. 

Domestic security is a concern for many. Family unity becomes more important. Hugs.


You are at the starting gate waiting for action. Your reputation or status is affected by what you do. 

Take care when bringing up the past or what happened somewhere else. Deal with authorities. 

Those in position of power have influence over important matters. You may have to re-negotiate. 

Your emotional intensity pushes others to dig in and stand on their position. Alter your approach.

Change travel plans if it will interfere with what needs to be completed. Conditions improve later on. 

Reconnections to your past can be more entertaining than expected. Plan some fun or an escape. 

Mate or partnership matters have an effect on where you or others will live. Make timely decisions. 

Your ingenious ideas sway others to follow your directions. Change is lumpy but will turn out okay. 

Careful management of opportunities brings added income or assets. Control how it plays out.

Others look to you for leadership, as they know they can count on you through thick and thin. 

Meetings behind the scenes will put a plan in place that advances goals for the longer term. 

A show of solidarity will grow no matter what the initial circumstances were. Funds will arrive.

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