Horoscope December 6-12


Those with ability to lead and make decisions should meet in person to make it easier to share ideas. Solutions to problems can be found. Map out a route that has the least resistance for best results if there is a time issue. 

Those normally on the side lines or in reserve can be brought into play even if its short term. There is power in unity now. Put aside differences for a common goal. 

Change tactics to make use of the element of surprise. It works to some degree as extreme tensions trigger events.

Make sure devices and equipment are in good working order. Check power sources as more energy is needed. 

The new moon on Friday highlights cooperation to push forward. 


Relationship issues reach a critical point. The status of you with others will be altered by this. 

Light is shed on hidden matters. Pay attention to health, work or physical conditions. Test. 

Pull strings behind the scenes to change the course of events. Priorities are shifting now. 

New or renewed opportunities affect where you will be or what you will be doing in future. 

What others say is lucky for you is really just better for them. Try not to get involved with this.

Take care of important papers or documents connected to others, it will matter later on. 

Lay out rules and establish boundaries no matter what the consequences for all involved. 

You can successfully deal from the bottom of the deck and catch others off-guard now. 

Present yourself in new or better ways to avoid delays or situations that block you. 

Private deals you make behind the scenes will have an unusual or unexpected result. 

Powerful or influential individuals have some influence on the future path you will take. 

Pull rank where needed in order to get things on the right track. Be the leader you are.

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