Horoscope Nov 16-21


Sit on certain information until it can be brought out in a way that will not cause a loss of ground gained. Each step taken needs to be secured. All the related material does not need to be made public, as it won’t affect the final outcome. Covert actions will have an effect; arrange a backup plan. Meet in out of the way places to avoid those who want to interfere or make trouble. Make sure it is a safe location on all levels. 

Deal with jealousy or obsession; maintain control. Investigate those who manipulate or hide their real agenda. Switch how you communicate with some of these individuals. Power struggles play out on various levels; adapt to sudden changes. 


Those who work against you are just jealous. Seek alternate sources of support where possible. 

Consolidate plans with those who wish to participate. Divide up most of the responsibilities.

You take control or a leadership role where others feel they should. Accept all the duties. 

Blocks from others could affect home or base of operations. Make necessary adjustments. 

You don’t have to invest further to make advancements. Others need to pick up on the rest of it. 

Avoid any financial risks that you are not sure about. Buy yourself time to get everything organized. 

Your natural abilities to meditate will shine where a fair deal needs to be made for all involved.

You pull strings behind the scenes in seamless ways so others will not be upset by results. 

Confidential talks connect you to powerful or influential individuals. Assist each other now. 

Use your influence in subtle ways to get the results you seek. Others will be fine with it. 

Brainstorm with those over distance. Arrangements will boost your status or reputation.

Others seek your advice or input on the value of continuing on the present path or course.

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