Horoscope: August 24 -30

A clash of ideology causes nervous actions and reactions. The element of trust is weak; negotiate on a level playing field. Those who understand the maneuver "control by chaos" keep the pot boiling as it makes them feel powerful. This can backfire when events spill out of control. Secure meeting places. Agreements can be worked out where both sides can save face. The influence of the new moon Monday will help. Firm up past plans or details as they are still workable; take on responsibility. Expectations in relationships (personal or other) need clarification or change.

  • Aries - A lot goes on behind closed doors. Sort out funding and who will take on responsibility.
  • Taurus - Business or property matters need discussion or settlement. Assess all the information.
  • Gemini - Keep your distance from those who demand too much. Guard some private details.
  • Cancer - Events do not unfold as expected. Your drive or approach needs to be softened a bit.
  • Leo - Don't let issues about who or what get blown out of proportion. Make a deal. Shake on it.
  • Virgo - Make sure others understand your present position before taking things further. Chat.
  • Libra - You have more influence than you may realize. Let events play out slowly to prove it.
  • Scorpio - Support grows stronger now. Those who used to oppose you are coming onside.
  • Sagittarius - Others recognize your steady hand on the wheel behind the scenes. Share info.
  • Capricorn - Private plans involve distance. Trips or moves have confidential arrangements.
  • Aquarius - You will have access to other's funds or assets. Take on leadership or manage it.
  • Pisces - You can smile on the inside knowing you have the upper hand no matter the deal.

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