Horoscope: August 17 - 23

Improvements in relationships seem like a dream come true; back up any promises made. A change in status and finances comes with marriage, partnership or other unions as the mood is generous. Dig deeper to confront any suspicions or pull together fragmented info - it could be important. Power play ultimately affects location for those involved; some are stubborn. Talks keep some sense of continuity while those in charge figure out what to do. Give up something to make gains later. Establish order by Friday the 22nd. Energies are turbulent Saturday. Dodge.

  • Aries - Further negotiations are needed regarding finances and who will hold the reins now.
  • Taurus - Conflict between staying or going can create a stall. Usually this works out in the end.
  • Gemini - Private negotiations relate to funding and security issues. Take a look at new terms.
  • Cancer - Your expectations of payment or value rendered will be discussed with others. Deal.
  • Leo - You are optimistic and generous. Take a step back when making promises. Negotiate.
  • Virgo - Others reassure you behind the scenes so you can relax. Get together in person. Chat.
  • Libra - Take care of confidential matters yourself. There are some variables to consider now.
  • Scorpio - Your power behind the scenes is obvious no matter who tries to take credit for it.
  • Sagittarius - Opportunities over distance affect career or finances. There are added benefits.
  • Capricorn - You have access to other's resources on personal or government levels. Look.
  • Aquarius - Soul searching in personal or business relationships will increase your gains.
  • Pisces - Private support from you encourages others to move forward with their own plans.

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