Horoscope: July 27 - August 2

Compromise will be needed to avoid being fired or having to quit. Allow the rope to go out until the evidence shows the truth of the situation.  Manipulative individuals need to step back. Take a stand on one side or the other. Deals made behind closed doors are weak. Listen to those with stable judgement and follow their advice. Fanatics will have restrictions on some of their extreme behavior. There will be moves by choice or not.  Threats are just hot air.  Some look outside their relationships for fun or excitement. Consider the risks or what it will cost in the long run.

  • Aries - Certain support you counted on is not secure. You need to find some backup elsewhere.
  • Taurus - Part of your long term plan could involve moving. It's time to research other locations.
  • Gemini - Your focus on work or responsibilities could affect relationships. Stay the course now.
  • Cancer - Tug-of-wars affect you emotionally as you try to work around those who obstruct you.
  • Leo - Hold your position against what others want you to do. It's not time for radical changes.
  • Virgo - Compare notes with trusted associates. Others attempt to manipulate some of the facts.
  • Libra - Powerful associates give you an invitation that gets you on the inside track. Follow up.
  • Scorpio - Stand up for what you know to be true and you will overcome any jealous opposition.
  • Sagittarius - Important information over distance needs confidential handling. Juggle demands.
  • Capricorn - Fill out necessary forms or documents. Keep your cool with different individuals.
  • Aquarius - Make choices between relationships or career advancement. Weigh the benefits.
  • Pisces - Follow the advice of those who have the knowledge or expertise you need to gain.

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