Horoscope: July 13 - 19

Imagination enhances ego drives; some think they are something they are not. Try to avoid show-downs until details are sorted out, as negative actions take time to balance out. Look at the whole situation in a detached manner. Don't let emotions be the driving force. Efforts to get along will pay off. Plan celebrations for the weekend event as you may have to tolerate others who will be there. Creative displays show unusual or special talents; let intuition be a guide on interpretation. Aggressive competition could cause some nasty fallout, so try to ignore it as best you can.

  • Aries - Make arrangements to meet in an out of the way spot. Keep information details private.
  • Taurus - Some restrictions or conflict with procedure needs careful handling. Bide your time.
  • Gemini - Work within certain limits or boundaries. Adjust the procedure that should be used.
  • Cancer - Soft peddle your demands as others may not be able to fulfil them as they promised.
  • Leo - You have information that could be used to sway a decision or bring about changes now.
  • Virgo - Those in positions of influence will lay out certain details for you. Follow up on them.
  • Libra - Behind the scenes support gives you the courage to take the next step forward. It's okay.
  • Scorpio - Others are aware of your efforts or input and will compensate you for some of it.
  • Sagittarius - Discussions about locations involves others when it's time to make final choices.
  • Capricorn - Keep plans among a select few otherwise there could be some power plays.
  • Aquarius - Avoid unnecessary travel at the moment. There is a better time and circumstances.
  • Pisces - Your intuition is strong and helps you navigate around blocks or other objections.

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