Horoscope: June 22 - 28

Pressure is felt and must be handled carefully; everything is not as it seems. Closure can become renewal as decisions are made about what is important. Walk a better path in a positive direction; a sense of freedom is uplifting. Don't settle for relationships that are too much work or sacrifice; there are other options. Control tempers. Some like to hang on to the bitter end. Avoid accidents. Take advice from a respected source or professional to ease transitions. Prepare moves by Friday with the new moon in Cancer, ruling homes and domestic issues. Seek where you belong.

  • Aries - Use your charm to influence others as your base of operations is being affected now.
  • Taurus - Your image changes in a gradual manner. Show what you can do to get approval.
  • Gemini - Pace yourself. Be patient with those who have aggressive personalities. Negotiate.
  • Cancer - Home or location issues affect your status or position. Navigate through circumstances.
  • Leo - Meet behind closed doors. Consult with those who have the answers or some power.
  • Virgo - Make sure time lines are followed so you don't miss what you are supposed to have.
  • Libra - Discuss levels of responsibility; shoulder your share and then delegate what is left.
  • Scorpio - Pull strings behind the scenes, even if you have to do it over distance. It will work.
  • Sagittarius - Handle details in a matter of fact manner when it comes to joint negotiations.
  • Capricorn - Private arrangements benefit all involved. Relationships are renewed or grow.
  • Aquarius - Avoid frustration by working with who and what you know. Follow tried and true.
  • Pisces - Be casual with those who expect more than you can give. They will move past it.

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