Horoscope: June 1 - 7

Get like-minded individuals together or attend meetings. Compare ideas with family or those who have similar ambitions. Decide on plans or projects that most can get behind. Share responsibility in an agreeable way for easy advantage. Those with ulterior motives will drop away. The heart of the matter is a deciding factor for some; keep it above board. Invest in new equipment if it will enhance production. Have everything in place by the weekend as Mercury goes retrograde on Saturday causing stalls, reversals or glitches. Drive carefully. Have repairs done. This lasts for three weeks.

  • Aries - Private arrangements affect moves in personal or business areas. It works out alright.
  • Taurus - Financial dealings or settlements can be a relief once completed. Stay the course.
  • Gemini - Your charming manner makes you the leader of the pack in personal or business.
  • Cancer - Great efforts behind the scenes affect your status or reputation. Emotions are touchy.
  • Leo - Your mind is sharp and you present plans in a very direct manner. Keep details clear.
  • Virgo - Papers or documents bring you added gain. Follow the paper trail to the end result.
  • Libra - Be willing to shoulder responsibility that others don't want. It will make you look good.
  • Scorpio - Your firm stand behind the scenes will have an influence on other's decisions now.
  • Sagittarius - Involvement with powerful associates is beneficial to all. Some details are private.
  • Capricorn - Your knowledge or expertise is worth more than you think. Strike a good bargain.
  • Aquarius - Your world opens up. Opportunities to travel could see some expenses covered.
  • Pisces - You are able to steer plans or projects to a successful conclusion. Guard the details.

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