Horoscope: May 18 - 24

Sell or let go this week. Get rid of whatever is no longer needed or wanted; donate if you can. Be generous on all levels, what is trash to some is treasure to others. Try to meet deadlines for moves or changes. Mars returns to forward motion Monday, so the push is on. Major decisions are made by Thursday. Make sure they are based on a realistic plan. Emotions conflict with logic so take your time. Relationships are under review on various levels. Endings occur by choice or not; it's final. Stamina is needed on long journeys or relocations. Take time to rest or relax.

  • Aries - Take what you can get and leave the rest. It all settles out later on. Patterns change.
  • Taurus - Recoup losses or resurrect the past in ways that would bring you increased gains.
  • Gemini - Take a firm stand on your convictions no matter what the opinion from others is.
  • Cancer - Pace your actions carefully. You need to make a good impression on others now.
  • Leo - Plan travel to a nice or secluded place. Do the groundwork for future presentations.
  • Virgo - Consult with those in positions of authority or who can provide help or wise counsel.
  • Libra - Be willing to step forward or take on added responsibility with independent action.
  • Scorpio - Your intense personality works like a shield against those who try to interfere.
  • Sagittarius - Gaining from others has a connection to the past. Follow necessary paper trails.
  • Capricorn - Share information or work on projects together. All involved will benefit from it.
  • Aquarius - Moves of home or office improve your environment or comfort level. It will be okay.
  • Pisces - Avoid investing in anything until you do your research on its value or track record.

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