Horoscope: April 20 - 26

Saber rattling escalates. Demands for freedom are more aggressive. Try to contain confrontations or combat (domestically or globally). All sides are not happy with the status quo. Egos flex to the exasperation of others; try to hold things together. Changes, resignations or restrictions affect leadership positions. Locations become important for displays of force. Nerves wear thin under stubborn resistance. Violence would be costly, financially or with reputations. Assess threats and posturing for what is real. Help those caught in the middle. Encourage cooperation. Hold fire.

  • Aries - You may be standing alone on a position you take. Handle the situation carefully.
  • Taurus - Lay it on the line near or far. Matters reach a point of no return. Adjust your focus.
  • Gemini - Private plans become more public. Make sure you can handle what follows after.
  • Cancer - Personal relationships affect status or reputation. There is not much choice. Relax.
  • Leo - Take a leadership role in critical matters over distance. Your position needs to be firm.
  • Virgo - Follow procedure in order to get what is due. Re-visit past situations; it works again.
  • Libra - Coercion affects relationships, home or base of operation. Decide what is best now.
  • Scorpio - Show your power in measured ways so others will grow to accept it more easily.
  • Sagittarius - Submit required paperwork to collect benefits from joint funds or other assets.
  • Capricorn - Avoid those looking for confrontation. Be a moving, silent target at the moment.
  • Aquarius - Your status may change suddenly. Make home or location choices to benefit.
  • Pisces - Let loyal associates take on some of the load. It will work for you in the long run.

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