Horoscope: April 6 - 12

Have company or attend events. Spread good will on a level playing field no matter the rank of the participants. Put partisan issues aside. Soft peddle words or demands to gain headway in domestic or global matters. Distance could be a problem getting key players together. Strong egos square off. Avoid conflict that is likely to escalate; it could get serious. Talented speakers should take center stage to calm the waters. Chats behind the scenes have influence on outcomes. Put some on the back burner for now. Negotiate terms on gains for all.

  • Aries - Sudden changes of location affect status or reputation for long or short term. Adapt.
  • Taurus - Pay attention to health or strength of self or those close. Be ready to take action.
  • Gemini - Work with those in authority to advance your position. Circumstances are pivotal.
  • Cancer - Guard your position or important information. Work with a select few to get ahead.
  • Leo - Extend your reach in a measured way. There are obstacles to navigate. Make contacts.
  • Virgo - A special relationship develops out of a serious situation. Play your cards close.
  • Libra - Don't take on more than you are comfortable with. Your position is changing soon.
  • Scorpio - Others realize you have more influence than expected. Play by your own rules.
  • Sagittarius - Navigate through the steps or paperwork required to get information you want.
  • Capricorn - Suppress aggressive feelings and use charming words instead; you get more.
  • Aquarius - What you say or do gets public attention. It affects events near or far. Organize.
  • Pisces - You are in a position to tell others what has value or not. Settle scores or deal.

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