Horoscope: March 23 - 29

Indecision creates stalls or disconnects in business or personal. Take a hard look at what you really want and who will be there with you. Positive discussions encourage agreements as most can visualize the benefits of being united. Each should have faith in their ability to contribute something worthwhile. Bring new or bright ideas to the table. Launch plans or inventions. Do upgrades, especially on equipment. Make private arrangements. Put in extra effort or overtime where needed. Relationships heat up. Results depend on your intentions (positive or negative).

  • Aries - Private deals work out for all involved. Presentation is different from expected results.
  • Taurus - Grand plans come together in connection with others already involved in some way.
  • Gemini - Your ability to promote is almost magical now. You are praised or applauded. Deal.
  • Cancer - Communications over distance become more intense. Positions are confidential.
  • Leo - Opportunities connected to your past come up. There are some added financial benefits.
  • Virgo - Intuition is strong and gives you the opening where you can gain or collect your dues.
  • Libra - Make changes or switches that are more suitable in personal or business; reorganize.
  • Scorpio - Lucky opportunity may require quick decisions on your part. Check necessary facts.
  • Sagittarius - Secrets attached to home or property matters will provide other advantages now.
  • Capricorn - Plan something special or unusual that will be profitable down the road. Focus.
  • Aquarius - You will be the winner in most areas. Others pave some of the way for your gains.
  • Pisces - Others step aside as they know you are the one able to generate the most for all.

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