Horoscope: February 16 - 22

Pep talks motivate action early in the week. Make sure everyone involved knows what is expected of them. Funds need to be shared properly. Ignore those who complain or are unrealistic in their expectations. Information is withheld causing power plays to escalate. Stick to the plan that most are familiar with to keep things moving. Sort the rest in private. Situations lighten up by the end of the week. Plan gatherings or celebrations. Take time out to assess how you really feel about everything. You may be ready for personal or business changes. Consider the long term.

  • Aries - Those in positions of power or control pull strings behind the scenes. Work with them.
  • Taurus - Work around blocks or stalls. This buys you some time to reconsider your options.
  • Gemini - Don't take on more than you feel comfortable with. There should be a back-up plan.
  • Cancer - Others have some control or influence over your finances and security. Make a deal.
  • Leo - Easy does it when taking charge of things affecting others as they may object to it now.
  • Virgo - Work or duties become an issue affecting general circumstances. Avoid confrontation.
  • Libra - A break from responsibility and routine has you out and about with more social activity.
  • Scorpio - Meet in private or secret locations. Extra travel or commuting for one or both of you.
  • Sagittarius - Keep a lid on certain information until an opportune time to release it. Organize.
  • Capricorn - Forge ahead even if you have to work around delays. It all works out in the end.
  • Aquarius - Delegate the daunting tasks you don't have time or energy for. Others will assist.
  • Pisces - Hold back some action until the right people are in place to handle some details.

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