Horoscope: January 26 - February 1

Avoid important decisions under negative conditions; give it more time. Let others have their say even if you don't agree, it will pass. Break away from what does not feel right.  Put your best foot forward to catch up or complete things; personal effort is important. Do private investigations where data does not match. Collect thoughts before saying anything; some manipulation is going on. Promises are a delay tactic. Rise above situations to get some breathing room. Fresh starts on the new moon are a turning point. Gather support. Year of the Horse begins on January 31st.

  • Aries - Prepare to answer questions that could affect your status or reputation. It will be okay.
  • Taurus - Negotiations over distance benefit your goals or ambitions. Stay the course to win.
  • Gemini - A new deal can be reached when further information comes forward. Negotiate it.
  • Cancer - Joint funds or assets are scrutinized and settlement is needed. Don't push issues.
  • Leo - Your direct action clears things up and you will feel better on many levels. Patience.
  • Virgo - Walk a fine line to maintain or increase your position. Follow rules or regulations.
  • Libra - A lucky opportunity or break may require a location decision. Weigh all the options.
  • Scorpio - Your levels of responsibility may be split for now. Others are not aware of your clout.
  • Sagittarius - Your popularity rises and it helps to improve your income. Collect what's yours.
  • Capricorn - You can rely on other's support, personally or financially. Do your part to benefit.
  • Aquarius - Get to the bottom or core. Regroup and step forward, stronger and better. Relax.
  • Pisces - Powerful friends or associates will back you where it counts. You can shake on it.

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