Horoscope: January 19 - 25

Keep certain ambitious plans to yourself until you can implement them without objections from those with axes to grind. The low key approach works best for now. Stretch out time allowances if it won't affect the end result; there is always room for negotiation. Decisions about location need to be settled (personal or business). Subtle power struggles cause positions to change, ready or not. Pick the best person for the job. Follow through on special information that will influence final choices; optimism rises. New or renewed rules and regulations are easier to follow. Demands get a "no".

  • Aries - Put a lid on the past now. There is nowhere to go except forward. Plan your moves.
  • Taurus - Agreements can be reached, but may be time sensitive. Juggle some of the details.
  • Gemini - Some duties or responsibilities end and others begin. Organize a smooth transition.
  • Cancer - Separate personal and financial matters as they could interfere with each other now.
  • Leo - State your position and then step back and let the pieces fall where they may. It works.
  • Virgo - Someone is on your side more than you think. Don't let others depress your energy.
  • Libra - Step out of your comfort zone in a way that won't cost you. Take time off to relax a bit.
  • Scorpio - Keep stronger opinions to yourself for now. Others struggle with their own issues.
  • Sagittarius - Speak or inform others with your knowledge. Intuition will guide you with this.
  • Capricorn - Private arrangements give you some added security. You can relax your guard.
  • Aquarius - Promises made will need some follow through from you or those involved with it.
  • Pisces - Deal with other's concerns on the side. Move ahead with renewed confidence now.

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