Horoscope: January 12 - 18

Those with strong imaginations step forward to present their ideas and conclusions. Share them in a way that others would accept. Pull the details together by the full moon Wednesday to avoid missing opportunities. Issues with personal relationships may overshadow practicality so take it slow there. Update or replace equipment or communication devices where needed; it needs to look professional. Be gracious to those on all levels to advance. Re-think where you want to be; it may be time to move on. Step away from manipulators or what would be considered a scam.

  • Aries - Seek those who have the info or ability to help you get what you want. Discuss details.
  • Taurus - Don't go too far into speculation until you know what you will be getting out of it all.
  • Gemini - Establish what is yours or owed to you and make arrangements to settle with them.
  • Cancer - Seek cooperation in relationships or living situation. Others see it differently for now.
  • Leo - Step back and let the pieces fall where they may. Then come up through the middle.
  • Virgo - Let the details ride if they will not affect the final outcome. Everything works out okay.
  • Libra - There is meaning behind those special glances or words. They may be jealous or mad.
  • Scorpio - Your direct or powerful manner may be too strong for others. Try to soften it up a bit.
  • Sagittarius - Private financial arrangements benefit all involved. Avoid pressure to disclose.
  • Capricorn - Stand firm on your position. Give others a chance to adjust to the circumstances.
  • Aquarius - Figure out what you really want so a plan can be laid out to get you on that path.
  • Pisces - The full moon enhances your feelings and creativity. Intuitive flashes are worthwhile.

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