Horoscope: January 5 - 11

Feelings of optimism cause some to expand or go out on a limb. Make sure no one has a saw; only go as far as necessary at this point. Buy some time. Put proper controls in place. Meet with stable minded individuals to pull a plan together. Keep negotiations friendly with a personal touch. Favors can be granted on the QT. Keep radical or disruptive thoughts to yourself until the ink is dry on agreements. Some will not react properly causing a few awkward moments. Rein in egos. Let them go if they walk out. There will be some improvement by the weekend...

  • Aries - You have some success with pulling the past into the future. Develop a workable plan.
  • Taurus - Your ambitious goals require a decision on locations in personal or business deals.
  • Gemini - Gains can be made through others financially or joint assets. Make the arrangements.
  • Cancer - Take it easy with pressured situations regarding home or relationships. Be discreet.
  • Leo - A change of venue will aid progress in personal or business. Make the necessary move.
  • Virgo - Work with those you know you can trust. Patience and time constraints are frustrating.
  • Libra - Status, reputation or base of operations are up for review. Compare all possibilities.
  • Scorpio - Your mature and responsible actions open up opportunities that you had hoped for.
  • Sagittarius - Look at where financial gains can be made without taking unnecessary risks.
  • Capricorn - Show your personal strength and know how to get things moving ahead with ease.
  • Aquarius - Back room deals work for you. There is an element of confidentiality to consider.
  • Pisces - Your ability to overcome the odds amazes others. Continue to forge ahead at will.

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