Okanagan Heritage Museum: Part 2

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We walked away from the Okanagan Heritage Museum on a hot August night, knowing we would return. Having cleared a multitude of negative energies and 27 earthbound spirits, there was nothing more we could do that night, we were energetically spent. But, there were still more than a hundred earthbound spirits attached to the building waiting to be released. We felt their presence and sensed their eagerness as if their faces were pressed against the window, arms outstretched crying “don’t leave us behind”… we knew we would return as soon as we could.

And they waited…as they had for years….

Upon our return a week later, we were greeted by an additional 136 earthbound spirits waiting to cross into the light. Of these 136 spirits, two distinct groups came forward to share their stories:

The first, a group of thirteen earthbound spirits, were all members of a church group who died in a fire during a church celebration. The year was 1845 and the celebration was similar to a church picnic or community festival or fair. Among the thirteen were the souls of men, women and children from various families that perished while trying to preserve or rescue some of the important religious items from within the burning church. We became aware of their urgency to carry objects out of the burning church and rushing back into the smoke and heat to collect more things. They were deeply devoted to their church and risked their lives to save the pieces which kept them so deeply connected to their faith. The roof collapsed upon them and they were consumed by the fire.

So why didn’t these thirteen souls cross to their heaven? For some, the reason was their sense of failure to save the church and kept them from feeling worthy to cross. Others were so focussed on saving the church possessions that they remained behind with those things lost in the fire. Having stayed behind, they missed their opportunity to cross into the light and became earthbound spirits…spirits trapped to the earthly plane. These souls settled at the Kelowna Museum because they were familiar with the era of the artifacts within.

A second group of earthbound spirits identified themselves to us. Seventeen male spirits who were Polish Galician revolutionists had occupied the building of Okanagan Heritage Museum. These warriors were as dedicated to each other as to their revolutionary cause and chose to collect after death to fulfil a pact they had made during life. Strong men in life, they held strong to their word. They chose this Kelowna site because of the sense of history it embodies and its political neutrality. Having proven their dedication to each other, they were now ready to cross over.

The other 106 spirits waiting to leave the Okanagan Heritage Museum were not as bold to share their stories but all were eager to move on so as to complete their journeys and all were crossed over into the light.

The next time you sense or experience the presence of a ghost, please remember, like those in the museum, it is the spirit of a person, who might even be your own relative or friend, and cannot complete their journey without some help.

Michael “the Ghost Guy” Rowland and Cahrei are partners in Healing Haunted Houses.com, a Kelowna based service, where they successfully remove lost spirits and negative energies from people’s homes and other buildings around the globe. For more information visit www.healinghauntedhouses.com

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