Ghostly tale of love and regret

Clara (not her real name) tells me she worked as a secretary in a downtown Chicago office. She walked to work daily; likes cats and never married. “Spinster” is the term she used…a word seldom used now…but commonly used in Clara’s day. Clara says she died in 1926 at the age of 63.

Clara is one of eight earthbound spirits attached to a public building in downtown Kelowna and she was the first of three who chose to share their stories.

What causes an earthbound spirit? Earthbound spirits are the souls of the deceased that haven’t crossed into the light or spirit realm. Clara remembers her passing, but like so many earthbound spirits, she chose to stay in the physical realm. But why?

Clara’s reason was Love. Clara tells me of a man who worked in her office building; she describes him as a quiet, dark haired man; proper and polite, who wore round spectacles; and says she secretly loved him. She always expected that one day she would have the occasion or “gumption” (her word) to tell him, but she never found that perfect time and the opportunity slipped away. On her passing she chose to stay, hoping she could finally express what she felt all her physical life.

Through remaining behind, Clara lost her chance to cross into the spirit realm and has remained to wander the earth since her passing in 1926.

So how did a woman who lived and died in Chicago end up in Kelowna? Clara attached to this downtown building in 1963 because she liked the chime of the tall clock just outside of the building – at the intersection of Pandosy and Queen Street. It reminded her of the clocks she heard in downtown Chicago.

Her message to share: our regrets in life are what haunt us.


Also roaming the corridors of this building is the spirit of a long-time Kelowna resident; a woman who passed away in 1979 at the age of 83. Born and raised in Kelowna, she had very strong bonds with the early Kelowna community and the land she owned during life. She tells me how much she enjoyed her cherry trees and how she loved Kelowna. Her passion for her home was so great that she remained earthbound because of a land dispute with the city and chose to stay behind to ensure it was resolved. She says her children stepped in and were able to resolve the land issue to her satisfaction.


Included in this group is Hank, (not his real name) a school custodian who lived and worked in Kelowna. He died in 1988 at the age of 63. As an earthbound spirit, he likes the atmosphere of this public building, watching others quietly and invisibly…just like he did as a custodian. Raised with strong religious beliefs, he avoided crossing into the light in fear of judgement…a common issue for many earthbound spirit we encounter.

These three earthbound spirits, plus the five others, are now peacefully crossed into the spirit realm.

Mike Rowland and Cahrei operate Healing Haunted Houses in Kelowna where they remove lost spirits and negative energies from people’s homes and other buildings. For more information visit www.healinghauntedhouses.com

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