A clutter-free workspace for 2014!

If creating a clutter free workspace is one of your New Year resolutions, preparation is a key factor in your plan to create such a workspace. For many, organizing their workspace is a daunting undertaking. Potential business opportunities are continuously overlooked, appointments are missed, and important information lost. Eventually the small business owner becomes overwhelmed with where to start or maintain their office space.

Does the question arise, where and how do I start to get organized?

Are you challenged with a jumble of paper on your desk and in a constant state of controlled chaos?

What is the solution to a clutter free workspace?


Make 2014 the year you stick with your resolution to organize your office space…and to actually follow through on it! To make it easier, let’s break it into two action plans:  

  • Action Plan 1: Begin today to get a jumpstart for 2014.
  • Action Plan 2: Develop new routines to maintain your clutter free workspace


Action Plan 1

Why does getting organized feel so unattainable? Yes, by developing systems to organize and maintain your documentation that will work for you.

  • Purge, sort and discard unnecessary items from your workspace. These include duplicate documents, drafts, magazines, outdated information, flyers, etc. -anything you do not need to keep or refer to again.
  • Remove antiquated, broken down and unused office equipment. Today all electronics are recyclable and can be dropped off at any recyclable depot. Anything that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet can be taken to the community recyclable depot.
  • Sort and file your paperwork into current and reference. Historical information is to be stored away in container and correctly labeled.   


Action Plan 2

Every business needs systems in order to run effectively and smoothly. It is imperative to invest the time to develop the systems customize to your business needs and style of work.

  • Prepare and list projects or tasks to be completed with a deadline
  • Develop a routine to schedule appointments with a day timer electronically, manually or both
  • Develop tracking systems to manage contact information, receivables, statistical information, or checklist for your records


Make this year’s resolution to work smarter instead of harder. Incorporate healthy new routines for you to be more productive, effective and profitable when making business decisions.   




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