Getting Along With Your Computer

Spring Forward Fall Back

Mar 1, 2007 / 6:00 am

It""s later than you think. No, wait! It""s earlier! Spring forward. Fall back. If you could never remember which way to turn the clocks before, you""re going...

What""s The Difference?

Feb 22, 2007 / 6:00 am

Sometimes I hear from readers and clients that they""re having trouble with email. When I ask them what program they are using, they often confuse Outlook...

Updated Software, Updated Life

Feb 15, 2007 / 6:00 am

Microsoft released patches to fix at least 20 security flaws in Windows and in Office this week. That might be a record. And there""s an easy way to keep find...

Checking The In Box

Feb 8, 2007 / 6:00 am

Sometimes this column just about writes itself. Other times I wonder what I can say that would possibly interest people. Why is it good to get mail? Because I...

News You Can Use

Feb 1, 2007 / 6:00 am

Microsoft released the new Vista operating system to consumers this week. They are already working in Service Pack 1, which by all accounts is a good thing. But...

More XP Tweaks

Jan 25, 2007 / 6:00 am

This week we have a few more ways you can make Windows XP behave the way you like. Don""t be afraid to turn things on and off. You can always change them back...

Make Your Life A Little Easier

Jan 18, 2007 / 6:00 am

You can easily change Windows XP settings to create a computing environment that makes your life a little easier. You absolutely do not have to accept the...

Improve Start Up Time

Jan 11, 2007 / 6:00 am

This week we have news on several major updates to Windows and other programs, and a tip on how to decrease the time it takes for your computer to start up. Get...

The Way You Like It

Jan 4, 2007 / 6:00 am

Whether you got a new PC for Christmas or you want to make your computing experience more enjoyable on your "old" PC, this week""s column should have something...

Happy Computing New Year

Dec 28, 2006 / 6:00 am

As we approach the New Year, some people feel compelled to make resolutions. Others, like me, cringe at the thought. If you want to call the following...

Computing on Christmas

Dec 20, 2006 / 9:56 am

Some folks won""t be going near the computer on Christmas, but for the rest of us, here are a few things you can do to get into the Christmas Spirit. Carols at...

Happy Holidays

Dec 14, 2006 / 6:45 am

The holiday season is coming, even though the snow seems to be going, at least for now. Here are a few items which I hope will make your holiday computing...

How Not To Internet Explorer 7

Dec 7, 2006 / 6:00 am

You know, I wasn""t sure I really wanted Internet Explorer 7 in the first place. I declined it twice, waited until I had a chance to make a complete backup of...

Portable Music

Nov 30, 2006 / 6:00 am

I""m in my 50""s, and so made the gut-wrenching cultural transition from "records" to CD""s. Somewhere around here, I still have that icon of the 1980""s, my...

More XP Tips

Nov 23, 2006 / 6:00 am

More Windows XP Tips this week! Thank you to everyone who wrote with questions and comments. I try to pass along information that""s useful, and your email...

More Windows XP Tips

Nov 16, 2006 / 6:00 am

Last time I mentioned that I have a Tips folder for a rainy day. Well, even though the sky is clear right now, who knows what will happen by the time you read...

Browsing Tips Folder

Nov 9, 2006 / 12:30 pm

When a client asks how to do something, or I come across a useful tip somewhere else, I put it in a folder for use on a rainy day. As luck would have it, there...


Nov 2, 2006 / 6:00 am

Everyone has done it. A program asks, "Are you sure you want to delete...?" and even though you""re sure, it turns out you shouldn""t have deleted that thing....

Browser Updates

Oct 26, 2006 / 6:00 am

Browser Updates and Computer Waste Roundup Microsoft and Mozilla both released major browser upgrades this week. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft...


Oct 19, 2006 / 6:00 am

Recently I received a call from a client who had just bought a new computer and was planning to pass on the old one when his family visited for Thanksgiving. He...