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Chiropractors lend hands

Chiropractors in Kelowna and West Kelowna have been volunteering for four years at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission. They come to the emergency shelter at 259 Leon Ave. every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 to adjust anyone who can’t afford to visit a chiropractor.

Randy Benson, Executive Director, at Kelowna’s Gospel Mission said, “We are so thankful to the chiropractors, Dr. James Whillans, Dr. Kevin Holroyd, Dr. Ken Adams and, Dr. Keegan Johnston for donating their skills to the people at our shelter. Many of our people have injuries that keep them in pain and prevent them from working.

The Chiropractors bring relief to people and hope for a brighter, pain-free future.”Dr. Kevin Holroyd, one of the founders of this group, spoke about the work they do; “The main reason we come is to give back. I see so much need. It’s nice to be able to give back with our skills that we have. Actually seeing people’s lives being changed and seeing them healthier so they can get out of the vicious cycles that happen. Getting adjusted not only helps them physically but also emotionally and spiritually. I’ve seen many lives changed; both men and women being able to work again.

A lot of people come every week and we give them that extra bit of hope to keep them going.” Kelowna’s Gospel Mission is grateful to the community for continuing support. Please contact the Gospel Mission to donate, volunteer or give an in-kind gift www.kelownagospelmission.ca or (250) 763-3737.

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