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Tandoori Jumbo Prawns

If you like curry and/or seafood, you will fall in love with this dish from Hotel Eldorado’s restaurant. There are so many flavours, your mouth will think you've taken it to the amusement park.

The dish comes with house-made Roti and a tomato and mustard seed chutney. It's one of those sneaky chutneys that starts out cool and slightly sweet, then finishes with a warmth that cannot be ignored. 

The sauce is a Tandoori curry, heavy on the chili, but not so much as to obscure the plethora of flavours within. On top of that is a layer of perfectly cooked basmati rice, topped with rainbow Swiss chard and red onions to help cut the heat. 

Then there are the prawns. You can tell they've been lounging in raita, (a yogurt based Tandoori sauce) before being expertly cooked by Chef Best. This masterpiece for the mouth is then topped with cilantro seedlings and a line of cilantro vinaigrette is laid down to complete the dish. 

Enveloped in the warmth of the curry, each bite of this dish brings a new taste sensation. The rice, rainbow Swiss chard, and onions do a fine job of cooling down the heat until you are ready for your next bite.  The cilantro seedlings are packed with freshness and make a great palate cleanser. For those who love the flavour of curry but not the heat, make sure to take a bite of cilantro seedling and basmati rice with the prawn and curry sauce. It calms it down nicely without overpowering the flavour of the prawn.

Another way to offset the heat is with a 2011 Lake Breeze Gewürztraminer. This spicy gewürztraminer has met its match in the spicy Tandoori Prawns. Flavours of lime zest and lychee are just what this dish needs to cut the heat.

Chef de Cuisine, Justin Best is originally from New Brunswick and has worked in several fine dining restaurants in Nantucket, MA; Ottawa, ON; and Kananaskis, AB; as well as Eden at the Rimrock Resort in Banff, AB and the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, ME (two AAA five-diamond restaurants).  Chef Best was the inspiration and creative force behind this featured dish. 

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