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Miso Sable fish with Soba noodles

Created by the Hotel Eldorado's Chef de Cuisine Justin Best, Miso Marinated Sable fish with Soba noodles is the one to order when it's time to pamper yourself.  Forget the fact that sable fish (aka black cod) is high in long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and that it is healthier than salmon. Forget that all the ingredients in this dish are good for you. Just close your eyes as you place the first morsel in your mouth you'll believe you are having the most decadent of meals. This very well may be the best dish of 2013.

This fish is cooked to perfection with the meat easily flaking onto your fork. Then the magic begins as you coax it off your fork and onto your tongue, where it literally melts in your mouth. The noodles are prepared in the same manner and hold up well on the fork, and then collapse into your mouth releasing all the flavours in the sauce. You may be tempted to lift of up the bowl and slurp it all down.  Go ahead; just make sure no one is looking.

This essence of this simple dish is quite complex due to a cornucopia of ingredients including daikon, carrot, house-made pancetta, wild shitake mushrooms and ginger dashi, a seaweed based fish stock.

This is one of the prettier dishes out there, as Chef Best tops it with deep fried lotus chips, micro greens, and other colourful, edible bit and pieces.

The best wine to pair with this dish is the 2011 Silk Scarf Viognier. It's zesty acidity, ginger liveliness, and rich mouth feel make this wine the perfect pairing for this dish with Asian flare!

Chef de Cuisine, Justin Best is originally from New Brunswick and has worked in several fine dining restaurants in Nantucket, MA; Ottawa, ON; and Kananaskis, AB; as well as Eden at the Rimrock Resort in Banff, AB and the White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport, ME (two AAA five-diamond restaurants).  Chef Best was the inspiration and creative force behind the four dishes featured.

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